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The Roof Jenie allows you to use a standard battery powered or 110V electric drill to raise the pop-up camper roof quickly. This innovative miniature hydraulic system can easily be installed on your camper in about 4 hours. Simply remove the entire winch assembly, drill 7 holes in your camper frame, assemble the kit components, and raise the roof.  Designed and tested specifically for the pop-up camper industry it is a simple hydraulic system that is easy to maintain and trouble free for years. The Roof Jenie can be powered by any drill that rotates at 1,500 to 4,000 RPM. The hydraulic system utilizes a small hydraulic pump and cylinder to provide the power that will lift the roof, even if there is an air conditioner and bicycles on top. To lower the roof, simply open the hydraulic valve and lower the roof. The hydraulic control valve knob can adjust the speed of the closing, or can stop the action at any point to tuck in canvas or items that would restrict the closing. This hydraulic kit can be installed in about 4 hours using a drill, tape measure, 5 different size drill bits, 4 different sockets, 5 open en wrenches, and 2 quarts of hydraulic oil. The person installing this kit should have a working knowledge of how to use basic hand tools and good accuracy in measuring. 

This  system is marketed under the brand names of ROOF JENIE and E-Z POWER LIFT SYSTEM. These systems can be installed by a dealer, the customer, or at our factory. Originally designed for a major pop-up manufacturing company as a factory option for their product line, and is now offered to the general public. Systems have been successfully installed on units manufactured by Coleman, Viking, Forest River, Dutchmen, Starcraft, Rockwood, and others.

 The kit has all of the hardware and a detailed installation guide to complete the installation. Liberal assistance is provided by the Engineering Department, and it is suggested that you contact us for more detailed information about the installation on your camper.

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