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MICO Machining and Manufacturing Company provides metal fabrications, precision machining, sawing, welding and prototype machining for new products and high precision components for a wide spectrum of industries. The automotive, railway equipment, RV and paintball equipment industries are just a few of the wide base products produced. Medium to high production volumes are common, utilizing annual purchase orders for JIT shipments. Typical production quantities are from 500 to 300,000 units per order. Production schedules are based on a 30 day firm planning cycle, 45 day projected cycle. New products require first piece inspection by the customer, with production commencing within 30 days after approval of the sample part.


The COOL CLEEVE from MICO Machining & Manufacturing Inc. is the solution to impossible piping. It is the CNC tooling answer for coolant fed boring bars and drills. For years there has not been a good solution to getting coolant into a tool that has been designed with an internal coolant passage.


Although it was originally designed for use in the tight spaces of CNC equipment , it also solves basic piping problems for any equipment that uses coolant fed tooling. Flexibility of design in using a hose barb or NPT fitting makes piping a snap. The compact design will allow piping configurations that would not be possible in most machines. The problem of coolant fed tools that are to long, and have threaded ends, has been reduced to simply deciding how much to cut off. After the desired length is determined, cut off the excess amount and de burr the end. Insert the tool into the Cool Cleeve and tighten a series of set screws that will allow up to 1,000 psi coolant pressure. Attach the coolant hose to the barb or pipe fitting, then start your machine.


The COOL CLEEVE is available in standard drill and boring tool diameters, from 5/32" to 3". Most of these sizes are available from stock, and can be shipped immediately. Metric and special sizes are available on request from the factory.

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