Level Jenie

The Level Jenie is a leveling system for fold down campers. Getting set up on a site has just been made easier with the Level Jenie.

Not only is set up easier, but the problem of leveling a fold down camper has also been solved. Within minutes the camper can be leveled and stabilized. Leveling is done with a hydraulic system that is operated with a battery operated screwdriver, or an electric drill.


The Level Jenie hydraulic system design will provide years of reliable service, with a minimum of owner maintenance, and is backed by the technical assistance of the Factory Customer Service Department.

The control valves and pump are contained in a heavy duty box, that can be located on the front or rear of the trailer. Due to other items normally required to be at the front, the rear bumper is a very convenient location. The heart of the Level Jenie is a very efficient hydraulic pump, located in the control box.  The control panel is clearly identified with colors and direction markers for each valve and pump.

The pump can be powered by a battery powered screwdriver or drill, using a special adapter. The power is transferred to hydraulic cylinders that are located at the rear corners of the trailer.


Level Jenie Products

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