Our tobacco baler cylinder has a special design that is specifically for use on tobacco balers. Our tobacco baler cylinder is a 4" bore honed all aluminum construction tube, with an 18" stroke, a 1" chrome piston rod with wrench flats, and the ports are standardized to valve port size. Designed in cooperation with the University of Kentucky's Agriculture Engineering Department.

Tobacco Baler History

In the late 70's the University of Kentucky's Agriculture Engineering Department started developing equipment to reduce the amount of labor required to harvest Burley tobacco. Three areas were selected for modernization: 1) harvesting, 2) stripping, and 3) packaging for market. The result was the development of a machine that cut the stalks and placed them on the sticks, a machine to automatically strip the leaves from the stalk, and baling the leaves for transport to the warehouse. Although the harvester and stripper enjoyed some success, the baler was widely accepted throughout the Burley growing areas.

The Engineering Department of Custom Cylinders International, Inc. was involved in the initial development of the tobacco baler, and eventually developed a special designed air cylinder for the application. Other pneumatic cylinder manufacturers provided cylinders that were often not suited for the severe environment of the tobacco processing operation. the new air cylinders design addressed these problems, and for 25 years it has been sold throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The success of the tobacco leaf baling process has started to become accepted in the flue cured tobacco leaf and canvas grown tobacco markets. Tobacco baler plans, baler air cylinders, pneumatic valves, frames, air hose, fittings, and associated equipment is available direct from Custom Cylinders International's factory. These items are also available through Southern States, Tractor Supply, and many independent farm supply stores. Contact Custom Cylinders International, Inc. for technical or general information about tobacco baler cylinders and pneumatic accessories at 1-800-779-5544.

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