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Custom Cylinders International Inc. can repair or replace name brand RV hydraulic systems and complete RV power packs or RV hydraulic pump/reservoir systems.


In 1990 CCI was approached by the Taylor Newcomb Company to develop cylinders for a new product for the travel trailers and motor homes. The system that was proposed required two hydraulic cylinders that would operate in tandem to open and close a movable room assembly built into the side of an RV. In 1991 prototypes were shipped to the newly formed company Hydra-Slide, and the industry has not been the same since. Fleetwood Corporation became the primary customer for the Hydra-Slide system, and CCI was shipping 1500 cylinders per month to the 9 Fleetwood plants in the U.S. and 2 in Canada.

The RV industries constant goal of increasing profits eventually resulted in the introduction of electric actuated systems, and the hydraulic systems lost most of the market. Although the hydraulic systems were more reliable and have a longer life span, the electric systems were considerably less expensive. In addition to the higher initial cost a second negative factor was that hydraulic systems are considerably more complicated to repair. The RV Service Departments had little or no experience with hydraulics, and the Service information from the various slide-out manufacturers was totally inadequate.

CCI continued to supply replacement cylinders to Hydra-Slide, Fleetwood, RV dealers, Kwikee, Equalizer Systems, Dutchmen Industries, Dewald Fluid Power, and private repair companies. In late 2008 CCI began to receive requests for repair information from the Fleetwood dealers for the Hydra-Slide hydraulic system. By early spring the volume of those requests had dramatically increased, due to the recent closing of Hydra-Slide Corporation and Fleetwood RV Industries. CCI initiated a program to develop a data base of the original Hydra-Slide system components, and developed a replacement system for the original hydraulic pump/reservoir. In parallel development CCI has initiated an aggressive program to diagnose and repair complete hydraulic systems from other manufacturers, i.e. Power Gear, Monarch Hydraulic Pumps, J.S. Barnes pumps, Haldex Hydraulics, Bucher Hydraulics, Dewald Fluid Power, HWH Systems, Kwikee, and Hydrotech Systems. Customers are sending the complete hydraulic unit to the Winchester, KY plant for diagnosis and repair. Although this operation is still in the startup mode, the identification of pump motors, electrical circuit boards, valves, manifolds, motor relays, and technical information manuals will provide a much needed service to the RV dealers and RV repair operations.

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